INSIDE AARHUS is a commission from Galleri Image for the project “Fresh Eyes” for Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.

"Inside Aarhus is a series of photographs of interior public spaces of the danish city.
Aarhus is represented by some of its most charismatic buildings together with neutral and banal places. Open public buildings are depicted, as well as social but restricted private areas. What they all have in common is the devoid of all human presence.
Inês d'Orey aims for a tense and unclear narrative, looking always for the less obvious perspective.“ Galleri Image. 2013.

badeanstalten spanien 




bunker at svendborggade 

hall at store torv 

foundations at the harbour  


the state archives 

ost for paradis 

church of our lady 

parking at aboulevarden 

laessoesgade school 

tunnel at skovvejen 

institut for x 


garbage room at vestergade 

train club 

free mason's lodge 

the music house 

passage at hjorten